What we do

Telford Court is a family run care home based in Crewe, specialising in caring for people living with dementia. We have over 160 dedicated members of staff who work towards creating the best experience possible for each of our residents.

85 Carefully crafted rooms to cater to every need…

Each room can be changed to add a touch of each residents personality and taste, in order to make them feel more at home.

Telford Court has been carefully designed to maximise our residents independence and freedom of movement in a safe space. All our day spaces are light and airy incorporating specialist signage that helps people living with dementia orientate themselves within the home. As you move throughout the home you will notice we have alcoves with seating so that all residents have frequent rest breaks.

Our team’s main focus is to give dignified person centred care to all the individuals that live with us. We believe professionally trained and passionate staff are key to creating bespoke care.

We firmly believe that activities are paramount to maintaining all individuals abilities. We have four full time activities coordinators who arranged both formal activities and one to one time for our residents. 

Warm, welcome and inviting spaces 

Telford Court has many open day spaces for people to enjoy, all are easy to access due to the buildings pentagonal shape, this incorporates a central courtyard that is safe and available for all our residents use, allowing safe freedom of movement.