A few kind words

There is nothing we appreciate more than receiving recognition for all our hard work. Along with our recent CQC rating of ‘Good’, we are delighted to share with you some feedback from relatives and loved ones of our residents:

‘The carers have understanding and sensitivity, they show kindness which makes all the difference’

‘The food is excellent, the activities are great, my wife gets involved and enjoys it. I am satisfied with everything at the home’            

‘The unusual building and accommodation are beautifully furnished, and the lovely secure gardens are also very good’

‘The Nurses are always spot on and inform us what is happening. The food looks very good, homemade and very appetising’

‘All excellent. The home is always clean or being cleaned. The atmosphere is very comfortable and the rooms are lovely’

‘There is always something happening at Telford Court, the Carers are always attentive and love to interact’

The staff all work very hard and cope admirably with all the difficult situations that i have witnessed with professionalism and dignity’ 

‘Care staff are very kind and patient, communication is very good, on the occasions I have needed to speak to the Home Manager she was very helpful’