Unique spaces carefully designed with our residents in mind

We have a dedicated hairdressing salon with an in-home hairstylist where we can offer a wide range of salon treatments including manicures. At Telford Court we believe that looking good and feeling good is important to peoples mental health and well being.

Secure Gardens provide a safe haven for our residents to reside

We have several enclosed safe garden spaces that allow residents to move with minimum restrictions. Along with it being the perfect place to hold our many events and activities, we encourage our residents and family to be actively involved in the maintenance and development of our gardens. 

 Our care

In house care

We have a specialist team of staff who are trained in caring for people living with dementia. Our nursing staff are extremely experienced and we are fortunate enough to have our own team of both general nurses and registered mental health nurses who can offer a holistic approach to our residents care and wellbeing. 

Health referrals

Chiropody is done within the home by a local practitioner, we also have a dedicated GP who attends the home on a regular basis, this allows them to get to know our residents allowing us to ensure continuity of care. We also  offer referrals to other healthcare professionals if so needed by our residents. 

Staff training

Our staff undergo rigorous training which includes the care certificate and progression onto social care qualifications. We are rated good in caring, safe, well-led and responsiveness by CQC, the Care Quality Commission. 

Always here to help

Our management team are always on hand and offer an open door policy for all our residents, relatives and friends to ensure maximum support and to deal with any queries you may have.

Devoted, Conscious, Caring

Delicious, home made and quality assured dining

We are extremely passionate about our food here at Telford Court both in the preparation and where/how we source our ingredients. All our meats are sourced ethically and using local suppliers in attempts to keep food fresh as possible but also sustainable. Our kitchen is also very flexible with a consistently varying menu and encouraging residents and relatives for seasonal meal options.

Specialised dementia care

To ensure person centred care, our Manager and Director carry out dementia care mapping, which is certified by Bradford University. This ensures we continually assess, evaluate and improve our residents experience of care. 

Coming soon in 2021, we will be installing a specialist sensory room that will allow us to engage effectively with residents living more advanced dementia using light, touch and sounds.

End of life care

We are extremely passionate about ensuring quality and dignified end of life care and as such we are certified in the six-steps end of life program.